Shot Show Recap

I cannot believe that this was my third Shot Show! I have gotten to do a lot of cool things in the past and now it seems this year it was all work. I guess that’s what happens when you get a little older and start with an actual career.

Range Day was fun but cold! The wind was terrible to be in but I sure was glad I had my WSI on so I didn’t freeze. I shot a lot of handguns there and my experience was interesting. I shot guns from Beretta, Remington and Springfield. Springfield was the only handgun that didn’t jam every shot. I was very surprised. I really like the Springfield not only because it didn’t jam on me but I also love the grip and the feel of the trigger. After dealing with all the headaches of handguns I decided it wouldn’t be Shot Show without shooting a full auto gun. I first plinked around to get the feel then I went into full auto. I was surprised at how fast it was and the punch it packed. It was a lot of fun and it just screamed “America”. While all the shooting was fun, my favorite thing there was the trucks. We got to test drive the Dodge trucks out in the desert hills. It was amazing what we could go up and down in that truck. The upside was we were out of the wind. It was a long day out there but we had a lot of fun.

img_8511 To end our first day I attended the Moose on the Loose 5k run. It was sponsored by WSI Sports, Girls With Guns Clothing and Swarovski Optics. I didn’t get to run in it for health reasons but I was there to cheer everyone on. This year there were great prizes and they donated to Wishes for Warriors. There were many celebrities there like Kristy Titus, Melissa Bachman, Jules McQueen and Jimmy Herman. It was a great event and can’t wait to see it grow more next year.screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-12-18-16-pm

Day two and three seemed to run together. We did a lot of work running from meeting to meeting. We ran into many friends like Rachel Ahtila, Gabby Franco and even one of my GunSite instructors. We got to check out a lot of new products from Flambeau. From decoys to cases they had it all. We also got to see all the great new things Girls With Guns had! They had a bunch of new hunting gear and a new camo pattern. Along with the new hunting gear was a new shooting vest. I loved the fit and style of the vest and I cannot wait to try it out. I did a video about all GWG new products check it out.

We cut out early to beat a big winter storm and sadly what tagged along with me was the Shot Show virus. That was the only downfall to this trip. I cannot wait to see the great things this trip provided me with and I cannot wait for next year.