First Carp Ever

This weekend we went to Navajo Lakefor our last time before of the year. Hank was going to take the boat in to get winterized so we went and focused on hunting for carp. When we got there we drove around for a while but didn’t see anything fish. Before we drove out of our favorite spot we saw three deer run right down a hill and into the water. They swam right in front of us and all the way to the other side. It was a mother and two fawns. It was so amazing.

A doe and her two fawns swim across the lake.

A doe and her two fawns swim across the lake.

We decided to go down south where the water is warmer to see if we could find some fish. There were a bunch of bass fisher men and the water level was really low. We didn’t see any fish so we decided to go to the dam at the end of the lake. We were going to use all our gas just to get there and back but it was worth it because I had never been there before and I wanted to see it. On the way back I got in a little nap.

Before we left, we went to look at another place for fish. Soon enough we were there at our hot spot and you wouldn’t believe it. They were all over the place. I put on my release and then got my bow and it was on! We drove around and I missed a couple. Then there were some carp fining right ahead. I picked up my bow, aimed and WOOSH! The fish jumped out of the water! I had hit it! We were so excited! We pulled it in and it was a good one.”My first one ever!!” I screamed with excitement.

My first carp ever!

My first carp ever!

Mom got all kinds of pictures done then the hunt was on again. Again I had a few more misses. Hank was up to shoot with me. My mom was cruising along and Hank said “Over here!”. I turned drew and click. Another hit! I was so shocked. Before I knew it we had it in the boat and more excitement for our family. Mom said we need to go, but before we left we got some more good pictures with both of my fish. All that was left to say was “Best Lake Day Ever!!” That was a really fun day. I thought to myself the naps always help! 

Bowfishing and not one but two carp.

Bowfishing and not one but two carp.


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