My New Favorite Sport

My new favorite sport is bow fishing. I went to the lake with some friends and I tried it for the first time and I loved it. I came home and told my mom & dad about it and before I knew it we had a bow fishing bow. We were out on the lake every weekend. Finally one day after shooting and shooting Hank got the first fish!

It was a fun sport that turned into a competition between my mom and Hank. Soon it seemed we couldn’t hit anything. Then the next weekend at the end of the day my mom got one!

She had mixed emotions about it. She was so tired, excited and sore from shooting all day. Now the contest was on. Hank got one my mom got one each weekend. They are each on their 6th carp now! I finally had it with not shooting because we have a right handed bow and I am as you can guess left handed. Mom and Hank looked and looked and finally found a left handed bow.  Right away they ordered a bow for me.

After almost forever it finally got here and it is awesome. We also had to order a reel. This reel we thought was going to be better than our other one but it’s not. I shot my bow 5 times and then my reel breaks.  When I try to reel it just clicks.  They say there is something stripped inside of it.  It makes me mad.  Now I have to hand reel it. It’s not as easy as it sounds.  The string is thin and hurts my hands.

The other day we got on those carp heavy and I couldn’t get enough shots to get one because of all the time it takes to drag that line it with that broken reel. Now we are sending that reel back and getting a better one like mom and Hank’s.  We are also getting better tips for my arrow because it doesn’t have enough kinetic energy to penetrate thru the carp.  I am so excited to try again when my new parts come


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