End of Year Field Trip

The  second to the last day of school we went to Echo Lake for a field trip.  We also had an assignment.  We were going to cook some lunch in our home-made solar ovens. I think our whole 6th grade was excited for the trip.

We got to school and sat down to get roll call done.  Then we got our solar ovens out and showed them off to our science teacher and to one another.  Then it was on the buses we go.  We rode on the bus for 5 minutes and before we know it we were there.  The teachers told us to unload and wait for further instructions.  We waited and then our science teacher told us that we were going to have to do some school work today with our solar ovens.  We had to set up our ovens and then record temperatures and graph them.   

Our solar oven. The Weenie Roaster 3000

Our solar oven. The Weenie Roaster 3000

The teachers let us go and we found our groups.  My partners and I found a big tree and set up our blankets and our solar oven station.  We sat down and got out the food that we were going to cook.  While my partners were doing that I went and got the thermometer,a timer, a pen, and a piece of paper.  I came back and we began.  One of my partners watched the thermometer and I timed it to 30 seconds. We were reaching our peak temperature.  Then came the exciting part!  Putting in our hotdogs in to get cooked and show for our grade.  We had to record the temperature for that also.  The hot dogs cooked nicely and we even cooked some bagel bites that one of my partners brought.  Once we finished that we went our separate ways and I went to look at some other solar ovens and take pictures of them.
There were some pretty crazy creative ones that I couldn’t pass up.  Here are a few.
Lots of great solar oven ideas, and almost all of them worked!

Lots of great solar oven ideas, and almost all of them worked!

The battery in my camera was going to die soon so I took some group photos.  Then right when I was done my battery died so I was done taking pictures for a while. Then I just played volleyballwith my partners for a while as we waited for all the other kids to finish their projects.
As the kids finished we sat and relaxed in the shade.  Before everyone was there the teachers hollered that there was a water gun fight and it was crazy. Everyone got up and ran down to see. If you were going down there you didn’t want to be the last one because then you were the target.  I went down there and watched people get soaked. That was the funniest part of the day.
Later I went back to our blanket under the tree.  Everyone was there and we sat and ate, and listened to music.  It seemed every time we would sit down and get comfortable we had to get up because the kids kept getting balls and boomerangs stuck in the tree we were sitting under.  We finally moved all our stuff to a different tree and we were then left alone.  All in all it was very fun and I can’t wait to here how it was for all the others!

2 thoughts on “End of Year Field Trip

  1. sounds like a great way to end the school year. glad you had fun and now i know you can cook for us, even out doors. Rufus

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