Preparing For Livestock

Friday after school I was very excited because the next day I would finally get my 4-H animals.  Pigs and lambs.

We got home and right away Hank put me to work mucking out our last years 4-H goat buster browns old home. That took forever just to do one little corner. Then finally he let me use the tractor and I got very busy and I finished the whole pen in two hours.

I was allowed to use the tractor to muck out the pen

I was allowed to use the tractor to muck out the pen

I went back inside but there was no time to relax because Hank was ready to work. We had to split this pen into two pens so we could keep the pigs and lambs separate.  He called our friend Rufus to help cut and build doors for the critters to get outside to their food and water. Once we got those doors fixed up it was dusk and we called it quits for the night.

The next morning we woke up, got ready fast and then we took off to get my lambs and pigs. The drive is very long so I read, played games, thought of names, and slept. Finally we got to the house where we thought our animals were and they told us that the real spot where our lambs and pigs were was a few miles up the road. We drove and drove then took a few turns and went though a few gates then there we were right in front of a huge barn with sheep in front of it! I was so excited I couldn’t handle myself.

There were sheep all over and I was so excited I just couldn't handle myself!

There were sheep all over and I was so excited I just couldn't handle myself!

We got  out shook hands with everyone and introduced ourselves.  We went first to look at our pigs then our lambs. We walked into the barn and there were tons or little piglets sleeping, eating, and running around in their pens. We came to the very back and there were my pigs. Cute as ever. This time they were a different type of breed than the last two years. They were Hampshires! The man let the pigs out of their pen and they walked around and strutted their stuff! They were great.  There was another difference that we saw, there was a boy and a girl! I usually only have girls.  We watched them and then we wrangled them back in their pen and were off to look at the sheep.

Once we walked in to the lamb’s pen they went crazy.  They were scared of us.  Our two sellers walked out there and caught two lambs that had pink dots on their backs. They said that those dots were to tell them that they were saved for us. Then he showed us what to look for in a lamb, how to hold them, and showed us their qualities. We got the little ones in the trailer then we walked inside and paid for them, got our bill of sale and then we were off to our ranch.

Finally the long drive was over and we got to the pens at our ranch and we were off to work again.

We built a little gate inside for me to get though to the pigs because we had to separate the pigs from the sheep. Rufus was finishing that and Hank and I were putting up the outside pens. Hank and my Mom set the panels up and then I helped Hank wire them together. The next thing we knew we were done with the whole pen! The next thing we had to do was back our trailer in and unload them.

First we got the pigs in to their back pen.  They were not to sure about it at first but they liked it once we left them alone. Next we got the lambs in.  They were scared of us so it was pretty hard to do this in a calm manner. Finally they were in and I got all their water and feed buckets ready. I washed them and dried them then I wired them in and all those animals loved their new home.

I wired their feeders in and filled them with food.

I wired their feeders in and filled them with food.

I am ready to take on this big challenge. I think the way we set up this year was perfect.  I hope to use this every year. I would have liked our pen to be done before we got our lambs and pigs home.  Each year is something new. I learned so much but there is still way more. This is my most exciting 4-H adventure so far.

My happy little pig exploring in his new home.

My happy little pig exploring in his new home.

My scared little lamb

My scared little lamb in her new little home.


2 thoughts on “Preparing For Livestock

  1. Well I am sooooo impressed that you are such a smart wonderful girl…..and pretty toooooo…..Haven’t had the chance to read the whole thing but I will……YOU GO GIRL !!!!! 🙂 0x0xx0x0 Judy

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